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10 | 09 | 2015

Dominique Perrault Named 2015 Praemium Imperiale Laureate!

The Japan Art Association has named Dominique Perrault as the 2015 Praemium Imperiale Laureate for Architecture! The Awards Ceremony will be held in Tokyo on October 21, 2015 under the patronage of Prince Hitachi.

The Praemium Imperiale is an international art prize awarded since 1989 by the imperial family of Japan on behalf of the Japan Art Association in the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and theatre/film. The prize awarded for outstanding contributions to the development, promotion and progress of the arts is often considered one of the most prestigious art prize in the world.

Nobutoshi Notsu, Executive Secretary of the Japan Art Association, interviewed Dominique Perrault on june 2nd at the architect studio in Paris. He asked if receiving the Praemium Imperiale have any special meaning for him: “The Praemium Imperiale has a very very important meaning to all artists and creators across the world, for it is a profoundly cultural award. It is not a commercial award. It is a prize that pays tribute to works, therefore to authors, to writings, to sensibilities that are extremely varied and are involved in all artistic fields. For me, it is a very strong signal – from a symbolic point of view, of course, but also from the point of view that it encourages to keep on developing the widening of the architectural discipline, that is to say of the architectural field. Architecture, as we have said, and as many agree today, cannot be summed up to the construction of buildings. 
Architecture has a global dimension that touches all territories, all cultures, all human beings, whoever they are. And architecture must be able to house, to protect everyone in the wealthy economies, but also, and especially, in the poorer economies. And to that end, architects must develop research fields. Architects today are faced with extraordinary questions about protecting the planet, but also about protecting the human kind that lives on this planet. And for that, it is not enough to practice architecture: we must share the architecture that we practice with as many people as possible.”

The french ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem is also named as a 2015 Praemium Imperiale Laureate. 

More info on the Praemium Imperiale website

Photos de la conférence de presse ©The Japan Art Association/Shun Kambe