Dominique Perrault Architecture


14 | 11 | 2018

Stop of the urban project "Yellopark" in Nantes

The project called YelloPark, was initiated in September 2017 by Waldemar Kita (FC Nantes) and Yoann Joubert (Realités group). After a year of public consultation, Nantes Métropole put an end to the project.

The Dominique Perrault Architect / Une Fabrique de la Ville team was chosen in November 2017 to develop the urban and landscape project. On 23 hectares, the project includes the construction of a new stadium of 40,000 seats next to the current stadium of La Beaujoire, and a program of 1500 housing, a health center, offices, shops and a market hall. During the first phase, the small group produced a work to target the issues, to register the site in the territorial identity of Nantes Métropole while taking knowledge of already carried out studies . In January 2018, with a team reinforced by Landscape architects (VOGT), VRD (SCE) and Sustainable Development experts (Franck Boutté Consultants), the second phase "Definition Study and Master Plan" allowed drawing a concrete and prospective guiding vision , with a public consultation phase (pre-public consultation then formal consultation launched in February 2018). The project has been adapted following the consultation process and exchanges with Réalités, the Stadium's project management team and its designers (the ATSP / HKS duo), the Metropolis and its various technical departments.
Oppositions to the density of the project have continued despite a change in terms of architectural ambition and urban density: renunciation of high-rise buildings and density reduced of 25% (1,500 units against 2000 initially). Nantes Métropole has therefore decided to interrupt the project. The Métropole will transfer part of the territory to FC Nantes for the construction of the new stadium, and will keep the management of the historic stadium of La Beaujoire.