Dominique Perrault Architecture


11 | 02 | 2019

Refurbishment of the Hôtel industriel Berlier

Built in 1990 by Dominique Perrault and awarded several times, the Hotel industriel Berlier, like a prefiguration of the French National Library, was the first building with curtain walls without any visible tehnical kiosk or acroterion. The rehabilitation works initiated in 2016 and will be completed in 2020.

On about 16,000m², the project's programm evolves towards more mixed uses: creation of pharmaceutical laboratories, spaces dedicated to materials exploration or to start-ups...
Led for the RIVP (Paris Real estate management), the refurbishment project seeks to improve the building performance, in terms of comfort and energy consumption, while preserving the purity of the volume and the integrity of its envelope.

The project focuses on preserving the qualities of the existing glass prism, while offering a new thermally and acoustically efficient façade. A second inner glass façade is created 70cm from the existing one, behind the repaired metal sunshades. The new façade also incorporates tehnical ventilation elements and cable trays. Elevator, ventilation rooms and ducts, readable from the outside, give the façade a particular depth. 

In addition, the environment has evolved according to the remodeling of the neighborhood, which the emergence of several high-rise buildings, including the two Duo Towers. Accesses and suroundings are therefore modified to improve the relationship between the building and its new environment, while maximizing the vegetation. On the side of the two Duo Towers, a new main pedestrian entrance is created on the Rue Bruneseau, to separate the circulation flows. The existing emergency staircases are also removed and reintegrated into the building, thus freeing the façade of any element that might reduce the purity of the glass prism.