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22 | 09 | 2020

Handan / 1st Prize

The third Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Competition

DPA has been designated winner of the international competition for the design of the "Hangang District" in the city of Handan, China. Famous for its historical and cultural heritage, the city of Handan is also a major center of Chinese industry, under the influence of the Hansteel steel group, which has deeply marked its territory. The important industrial site of Hansteel, originally located in a remote suburb, is now close to the center of Handan, and its redevelopment, the main theme of this competition, is now to be seen as a driving force for the city's urban development.

"The third Hebei International Urban Planning and Design Competition" was launched on January 16, 2020, by the People's Government of Handan Municipality and the Handan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, with the support of the Housing Development and Urban & Rural Development Bureau, and the Hebei Province Natural Resources Development Bureau. The organization of the competition was also carried out with the support of the magazine UED (Urban Environment Design), one of the most influential Chinese media in the field of architecture and urban planning. Its object is the transformation of the proposed site and the reflection on the heritage value of its industrial heritage.

The competition aims to develop an urban planning and industrial heritage enhancement project within the Hansteel East factory sector, over an area of approximately 8.66 km2. Six teams were invited to compete:
- Dominique Perrault Architect
- Coop Himmelb(l)au
- UNStudio
- CHENG Taining Studio (CCTN Architectural Design)
- WANG Jianguo Studio
- ZHUANG Weimin (Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University)

The study conducted by DPA on Hangang district, in the city of Handan (Hebei Province), develops an urban development strategy that is both adapted and flexible. The industrial heritage formed the starting point for the new development of the Hangang area, as did the geographical reality of the site, which guided its design process and mode of operation. The proposal defines a set of tools, precise and adapted, offering the necessary flexibility for its future adaptation and the development of mixed and varied architectures.

The exhibition of the finalist projects opened to the public on September 16th in Handan: discover the virtual exhibition!

images: ©UED