Dominique Perrault Architecture


1996   |   1996

Kolonihavehus installation

Copenhague, Denmark

Conception of a «kolonihaven» installation for an exhibition on the occasion of  the event «Copenhagen the cultural capital of Europe» A house, a tree, and an enclosure : this is the Kolonihaven typology. Nature «of one's own», a bit of ground «of one's own» and a house that expresses the inhabitant's sensibility. Expressive, gay, exotic... But above all unique. This tiny territory with its tree is a treasure. It opens onto the environment in order to assert itself and ... «live together». An enclosure of four sheets of glass stakes its claim? This glass case captures nature for man to possess and share. The real nature of our nature ; is it something other than what we thought.
client Kolonihavehus Foundation and City of Copenhagen
location Copenhagen, Denmark
The installation had been bought by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and installed in the park of the museum
site surface 5 m²
realisation July 1996