Dominique Perrault Architecture


01 | 01 | 2002   |   31 | 12 | 2006

Selected Works - Travelling exhibition

France, Suisse, Mexico, Russia

A selection of 11 symbolic projects 

The exhibition shows 11 projects which represent in the best way Dominique Perrault’s artistic process. This presentation: 

- Helps understand the development of a project, from its creation to its realization. 
- Recounts the work in progress and Dominique Perrault’s position in architectural matters. 
- Presents a great variety of projects in terms of scales, commissioners, programs, contexts and stakes. 
- Covers a vast architectural and artistic scope: design, architecture, landscaping, urban planning.   

The concept of the exhibition 

Sobriety, clearness, self-evidence of the subject and spatial approach of the works by the visitors: 
32 light boxes, only media of presentation, i.e., 64 giant color slides on which are expressed the keys for the understanding of the projects: texts, diagrams, plans, photographs.
A scenography which qualifies radically the space 

The place where the 32 light boxes are installed, next to one another, organize the visitor’s circuit.   

The presentation gains its density and its strength from the size of the pictures, their brightness, the opposition between the black and white graphic documents and the colorful photographs.   

The scenography is therefore the continuity of Dominique Perrault’s architectural position, communicating in a radical manner the spirit in which the projects were elaborated. The focus is on the visual and spatial context, rather than on a strictly didactic scenographic approach.   

An exhibition conceived to travel 

The scenography of the exhibition was conceived to answer to spatial quality criteria - thanks to these 32 luminous objects - and to the travelling and the diversity of the welcoming cities: 

- Maintenance of its “identity”, despite the variety of the places receiving the exhibition. 
- Adaptability to the different kinds of spaces: the light boxes can be installed in two separate rooms of the same building, or in two different places of the same town ; moreover, only part of the projects can be disclosed, which reduces the number of boxes. 
- Easiness in the hanging and in the installation operations (the presence of the scenographer is not required, the team in charge of the setting up and dismantling can be very reduced). 
- Minimum technical equipment required, as the 32 light boxes already have their own lighting, etc… 
- Easiness in the packing and in the carriage, in 8 shipping containers which gather all the elements composing the exhibition. - Directions of use for the fitting up of the exhibition are supplied. 
- All the documents containing information about the exhibition (photographs, texts, press articles, exhibition content...) are available on CD-rom.   

Exhibition AFAA – DAPA, “Selected Works, Dominique Perrault Architect” 
Travelling exhibition produced by Cultures France – Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, la Direction de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine DAPA – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication 
Scenography by Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, architect and designer, artistic director of Dominique Perrault Architecture   

The exhibition was featured: 
-          From October 23rd to November 19th, 2002 in the Musée d’art moderne et contemporain Mamco in Geneva, Switzerland 
-          In 2002 in the müllerdechiara gallery in Berlin, Germany
-          From July 10th to September 7th, 2003 in the Museo Nacional de Arquitectura in Mexico City, Mexico
-          In 2003 in Reykjavik Art Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland
-          From October 16th to 28th in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago, Chile
-          In 2006 in Moscow, Russia   

Selected Works - Travelling exhibition