Dominique Perrault Architecture


26 | 05 | 1996   |   20 | 06 | 1996

Paris - Berlin / Aedes East Gallery

Berlin, Germany

This exhibition, designed by Dominique Perrault, presents for the first time in Germany and in Berlin his most significant projects, particularly two public projects resulting from international competitions: the velodrome and Olympic pool in Berlin and the French National Library.
The exhibition is presented in the form of a curiosity shop. 

Two installations, one composed of projection screens, the other composed of significant elements of the various stages of the projects, are set up within enclosures and to be seen through a range of half open doors. As a global vision is not possible, the spectator, moving from one door to another, reconstructs the furtive, partial visions of this juxtaposition of elements. 

This kaleidoscopic view allows confrontations between the projects, new comparisons between raw materials and finished elements of construction.   

This travelling exhibition was built in the form of a kit, as an independent self-supporting structure, which is easily assembled and demounted. Depending on the spaces envisaged for its set up, its conception allows the use of all its elements or only a part of them, demanding a minimum of adjustments. 

Its content, independent of its structure, may change according to the themes it deals with.   

“Paris – Berlin, Dominique Perrault Architect” 
Aedes East Gallery, Berlin 
May 26th – June 20th 1996
Paris - Berlin / Aedes East Gallery