Dominique Perrault Architecture


2005   |   2008

Manzanares banks

Madrid, Spain

The winning team is that of D. Ginés Garrido Colmenero. Dominique Perrault’s work have been selected, as the one’s of Juan Navarro Baldeweg and Jacques Herzog y Pierre de Meuron’s teams. DPA’s project was appreciated for the treatment of the car’s and pesdestrian axes and for its relationship with the fluvial environment.
client Ayuntamiento de Madrid, area gobierno de urbanismo, vivienda e infraestructuras, C/ Guatemala, 13, 28016 Madrid, Spain,
tel: +34 91 588 10 72
architect Dominique Perrault Architecte, Paris
location area included between the M-30 motorway’s intersection and the Franceses bridge, Madrid, Spain
intervention area 480 000 m² along the river (7 km)
beginning of conceptual design December 2005