Dominique Perrault Architecture


2012   |   2020

Repurposing of La Poste du Louvre

Paris, France

In July 2012, Dominique Perrault Architecture won a competition to transform France's biggest post office into a mixed-use municipal and commercial facility. The Poste Centrale du Louvre (Central Post Office of the Louvre) in Paris was built between 1880 and 1888.

The program aims at reinforcing the postal activities through:
- Maintaining the existing postal activities (Mail, Brand/Post office, Company restaurant and Cafeteria), 10,000sqm including logistic surfaces.
- Developing the postal activities: a space dedicated to optimize the distribution of parcels / 200sqm
But also by implanting business activities
Retail: 2,300sqm
Offices: 10,000sqm
Hotel: 7,200sqm
And by developing services to inhabitants
Public housing: 1,200smq
Services to inhabitants with a large range of opening hours (in discussion with the City of Paris).

The purpose of the project is really to keep postal activities in the heart of Paris. It aims also to enhance the spatial qualities of this building with a mixed-use program, including new services for the area.
Repurposing of La Poste du Louvre