Dominique Perrault Architecture


2004   |   2008

Ewha womans university - the garden

Séoul, Korea

Robert Ivy
“Ewha Womans University Campus Center”
Architectural Record, November 2008

"According to the architect, his brief was “to expand urban activities into the campus.” His solution was to rebuild the site’s original topography, a hill with a slope; introduce the new building into the “constructed” hillside; then cover the building with a park. The result is both heroic and naturalistic, depending on the viewer’s perspective.
Remarkably, little changed from Perrault’s original program. Crucial to his realization was the decision to bifurcate the concrete-framed structure, dividing it into seemingly cloned halves by an immense rift, or “valley”— a strong assertion of contemporary intervention into the landscape."
Ewha womans university - the garden