Dominique Perrault Architecture


2015   |   2035

Mission Île de la Cité, the heart of the heart

Paris, France

On December 16th 2016, Philippe Bélaval, President of the "Centre des monuments nationaux" (CMN) and the architect Dominique Perrault have submitted a report entitled "Mission Ile de la Cité - The heart of the heart" to the French President, Mr. François Hollande. The latter paper resulted from a mission around the study of the "Ile de la Cité" and its future direction with the participation of Ms. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, Mr. Bruno Le Roux, Home Secretary and Ms. Audrey Azouley, Culture and Communication Minister.
Instituted in 2015, the purpose of this mission was to propose and explore different paths for 2040 considering the future of the "Ile de la Cité", genuine "Ile-Monument". At the heart of Paris and the mainland, the "Ile de la Cité" has never been at the core of a global spatial planning undertaken by the public authorities since the 19th century with the reinvention of Paris by Haussman. The 35 proposals within the report measures in short, medium and long term, are presented to the public during the exhibition "Mission Ile de la Cité  - The heart of the heart" at the "Conciergerie" from February 15th to April 17th 2017.
Mission Île de la Cité, the heart of the heart