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13 | 09 | 2017

Paris awarded the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

For this event the Olympic village will be developed (design) by an international team headed by Dominique Perrault’s agency. The village will be located between Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis and Saint-Denis’ Island.

First of all the project for the Olympic Village was designed like an urban district, it will be used like an Olympic village only during the games. It is will be one of the main heritage of this event, becoming a part of the Grand Paris and the Paris region development. The project, designed to be a model of urban renewal and an innovation laboratory, will be developed on an area of 51 hectares, that was already planned to be rehabbed. The district will offer all the comfort fot the 17 000 athletes, but it is also calls to be a friendly eco-district for future citizens. The localisation, near the Olympic Stadium and the aquatic center, will minimise athlete's displacements. The Saint-Denis Pleyel metro station, located only 800m away, will allow to join the heart of Paris using the Grand Paris Express line or the line 13.  The project will be placed around the Cité du Cinema and the athlete's restaurant will be inside his main nave. The urban and landscaping draw of the new district is oriented towards the Seine. The river represents a newfound landscape and an attractive place for the public space. Thanks to proximity to the river the area represents an attraction not just during the games but also for the further development post-Olympique. 7 hectares, closed to navigation during the games, allows different entertainment: pool, bar on barges and floating gardens.  The most important idea underlying the project is the reversibility, conceived from the beginning, the same is true, of course, for the housing. Indeed the buildings will accommodate 2200 apartments and 890 for students, in addition to other functions: two hotels, 100 000 m² of office and tertiary activities, a school and a sports hall. The Olympic Village’s bus station will be turned into a huge park of 3 hectares.   The district, that will have a moderate density with buildings of 6 floors on average, offers public space and the green areas with the open courts. The vegetation is also on the rooftop, used like common spaces or for the development of urban agriculture. By the river there is the “Olympic Village Plaza”, large esplanade of 2 hectares, that becomes a district landmark for the accommodation of medias. This square leads to a bridge for buses and pedestrians that connects the Saint-Denis’ Island with the centre of Saint-Denis. The project envisages to built 100% of passive house or positive energy house with the 100% of bio-based materials and uses 100% of renewable energy. The installation of urban agriculture contributes to the idea of an  innovative district, part of the plan of a “smart city”.  

International Team:
-  Dominique Perrault Architecte, Paris (Team’s mandatory architect for Urban Studies) 
-  LIN GMBH Architectes Urbanistes (architects-urban planners associated) 
-  Une fabrique de la Ville, Paris (architects and urban planners)
-  Gustafson Porter + Bowman, London (landscapers)
-  TOPAGER, Paris (agriculture and urban ecology)
-  ALGOE, Ecully (innovation and special event management)
-  INGEROP, Rueil-Malmaison (TCE and expertise sustainable development)  

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