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2016   |   2024

The Olympic and Paralympic Village - Paris 2024

Paris, France

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The Olympic Games forge a strong relationship between the identity of a city, its urban planning and the practice of sport to deliver a common experience to the nations gathered. It is precisely this dynamic between local and international that Dominique Perrault has placed at the heart of the project. 
For the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, Dominique Perrault sees the village as a metropolitan, open and innovative district. It will also provide athletes from all over the world with a real experience of the Grand-Paris, its cultural wealth and its landscape qualities. Spread over three communes (Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis, L'île Saint-Denis) and crossed by the river - an unprecedented fact in the history of olympic villages - the village will be part of a mixed territory in its functions, already inhabited and already subject to change. 
Connected to the major metropolitan transport networks, located close to most of the competition venues, the village site, compact and enjoying a seven-hectare stretch of water on the Seine, meets the IOC's functional efficiency requirements. But the project also offers the athletes a quality urban experience. It offers the opportunity to reveal this territory on the banks of the Seine and to discover the new face of the Grand Paris metropolis.

The urban project offers great flexibility and allows the reversibility of the installations after the event. The urban strategy undertaken is a long-term reflection with the aim of creating a new sustainable district, a part of the city offered to all, anchored in its territory and geography. 

urban study project initiated in April 2016 

MOA / AMO SOLIDEO (Delivery Company of Olympic Works)

architect in charge of urban project management Dominique Perrault Architect, Paris

Une Fabrique de la Ville, Paris / urban planners-programmers 
Ter Agency, Paris / landscapers 
INGEROP, Rueil-Malmaison / TCE and sustainable development expertise 
CITEC / mobility engineers
URBAN ECO / urban ecology
Jean-Paul Lamoureux / acoustician and lighting designer
Françoise Folacci / accessibility 

location St Denis (93100), St Ouen (93400) and Île-Saint-Denis (93450)

start of studies for the Paris bid April 2016
Launch of studies for Solidéo September 2018
submission of the Master Plan December 2018
start of work end of 2019
filing of "dual-state" building permits April to June 2020
Olympic and Paralympic Games summer 2024
heritage preparation 2024-2026
Opening of the new district 2026

The Olympic and Paralympic Village - Paris 2024