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12 | 06 | 2018

Inauguration of the León Exhibition Center

May 29th 2018

The New Exhibition Center in León was inaugurated on May 29th, 2018

With almost 10,000 m2 dedicated to exhibitions and fairs, the new building designed by Dominique Perrault´s office will be officially inaugurated with a fair dedicated to drones in the framework of the European Summit of Autonomous Systems for Security and Defense «Unvex Security & Defense «, held in León from 29th to May 31th, 2018.

The new building occupies the east side of the complex and is built on the site previously occupied by some of the industrial facilities of the former Santa Elvira Sugar Mill. Divisible in three exhibition halls of more than 3,000 m2 using 

acoustic sliding panels, the new building also has an impressive photovoltaic roof consisting of 4,040 solar panels, capable of producing 1.04 Mwp, which allows generating more 1,327 Mwh per year.

During the next four months, the landscaping works around the Exhibition Center will be carried out, including a 25,000 m2 garden square and the access to the building from the extension of Avenida Ordoño II, according to the Dominique Perrault study project and under the construction management of DPA Spain.

The construction of the Congress Centre will resume in 2019. The scope of action for this last phase is subject to funding agreed by the public authorities who promote this infrastructure.

The complex becomes the new urban highlight of León, and will serve as a starting point for the future development of the West of the city, whose first developments begin to sprout.