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15 | 03 | 2019

olympic and paralympic village - paris 2024

Presentation at MIPIM 2019

The model of the Olympic and Paralympic Village development zone was revealed last March 12th during the MIPIM at Cannes. 
The Agency is mandatary of the urban planning of the project whose specificity is to consider the dual purpose of the site by focusing on the legacy part. First, there will be the use of the project during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, subsequently the site will transform itself into a sustainable district inhabited by 8000 people and linked to the Grand Paris.

The making of the Olympic and Paralympic Village detailed guiding scheme, given to the Solideo on December 2018, embodies the major and founding principles developed during the application of Paris to welcome the games in 2016 and were largely fortified during the 4 months of workshops. The plan offers diverse thematic entries defining the territorial strategy, the core landscape and urban principles, the urban forms and typologies, the public spaces and transports, the environmental requirements or even its operational execution.

In September 2023, the district welcoming the Village during the 18 days of Olympic Games and 12 days of Paralympic Games will be delivered. The birth of 2400 housing units and of 119 000 m² of surface dedicated to activities, offices and public facilities willl form in Seine-Saint-Denis a new district ready to accomodate its new inhabitants from 2025.
The site, overlapping the municipalities of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen and l'Ile Saint-Denis, unfolds on both sides of the Seine, river profoundly related to the depiction of Paris and of the Grand Paris. It must likewise take into account a landscape and industrial heritage of outstanding quality. The design process is rooted within a long-term urban thinking on the composition of a piece of city entrenched within its territory and connected to the metropolis. The latter conception process explores the location's geogrfraphical, cultural, and  historical advantages.

This project arises from regular exchanges with the Solideo, the services of Plaine Commune, the elected representatives of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen and l'Ile Saint-Denis, the steering committee of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, and the several public and private stake-holders gravitating around the realization of this urban whole.

During the MIPIM, the municipality of Paris, the company in charge of delivering the Olympic works (Solideo), and the mixed economy company (SEM) Plaine Commune Développement have announced the start of the consultancy of developers and investors.

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