Dominique Perrault Architecture


25 | 04 | 2022

Dominique Perrault curator of the exhibition "District 2024 : Au delà du village des athlètes"

" The future of the Athletes’ Village goes beyond itself.

The development of course involves creating an exemplary district for 2025 and for the longer term for 2050, capable
of temporarily offering an exceptional welcome to athletes and their delegations. But it is first and foremost a reflection on long-term urban planning whose purpose is the creation of a piece of Greater Paris, of a regional city, home to everyone and the theater of a density of unprecedented urban transformations.

With the Athletes’ Village, I wish to present this innovative approach to planning, which involves a process of revealing what currently exists, what existed in the past and what will exist in the future. Thanks to the establishment of what we have called “architects’ workshops,” bringing together the teams of lead contractors, as well as regional and municipal authorities, that we succeeded in overcoming the strict limits of project’s operational scope to better anchor it in its geography and its regions.The placing of the project in context goes further than the simple business of its operational development or of welcoming the Olympic family. It also aims to highlight a heritage as the possible foundation of a new inhabitability of our megalopolises, which now gather the majority of humans on the planet. "

Dominique Perrault,
Architect, Urbanist,
Designer of the Athletes’ Village district2024

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