Dominique Perrault Architecture


22 | 05 | 2019

Piazza Garibaldi - Naples

Completion of landscaping

The Piazza Garibaldi, in front of the central train station of Naples, will reveal its new face at the beginning of July. The new town park planted with 130 trees and more than 200 bushes will offer the inhabitants new resting spaces fitted with wifi as well as an open-air auditorium with 2500 seats. From summer 2019, diverse events will be organised there by the City of Naples.

It is the last step of a project developed for more than 10 years by the studio in favour of the complete redevelopment  of the site, both aboveground and beneath the surface. Introduced in 2006, the construction yard was firt concerned with the underground infrastructure. The new subway station was inaugurated in November 2013, followed by the completion of the large commercial gallery in 2015.
The global planning of the new place develops a structured organisation made of two entities. On each side of a central axis, establishing a perspective from the monument dedicated to General Garibaldi to the train station, are developed two different spaces. On one side, a mineral spot gives access to an indoor gallery filled with huge metal trees forming a triangulated roof. On the other side, the vegetal counterpart of this covered square is developed. The latter gives access to an underground car park. A mineral amphitheatre shapes a relaxation zone and enables to welcome diverse events such as concerts and open-air cinema while giving access to the subway line through another underground tunnel. The square is likewise equipped with street furniture, sport facilities, playgrounds as well as 72 boxes for the setting-up of a flower market.