Dominique Perrault Architecture


2004   |   2016

Piazza Garibaldi

Naples, Italy

The Piazza Garibaldi is one of the most important and complex transportation hubs in the Neapolitan transportation system. This infrastructure project - it includes a metro station - offers the opportunity to upgrade this lively urban space bustling with activity.
Two stations share the piazza: open space, composed of urban parks, luxuriant gardens, large ponds, a protected area, a hypogeum covered with a large pergola and an open promenade with boutiques lining both sides. Though structurally and materially different, the new roof fits right into the alignment and the extension of the central station's roof. Composed of a series of eight metallic trees, in simple variations of three patterns, creates a framework resembling clusters of knotty and flexible bamboos talks. The covering is a vast prismatic surface composed of different types of perforated metal in varying densities, whose appearance is constantly changing.
client Metropolitana di Napoli
Metropolitana di Napoli, tel. : +39 081 2272 234

Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris
• engineering 
Bollinger Bollinger + Grohmann, Francfort (structure), CESMA Bordeaux France (metal frame)
• project manager
Metropolitana di Napoli - Napoli Metro ENGINEERING
• general contractor
Pizzarotti & C.S.p.a

Piazza Garibaldi, Naples, Italy

site area
59 000 m²
built area
21 000 m² (gallery and metro station)

beginning of conceptual design
beginning of construction
inauguration of metro station
Nov 2013
completion of gallery
April 2015
completion of outside piazza


• creation of a «station district»
Piazza Garibalida has a unique situation, where 5 stations join each other.
Design of Piazza Garibaldi, creation of a garden, pedestrian areas, reorganisation of traffic.

• desjgn of a multifuncitonal center
Includes a commercial gallery, a car park and access to metro and train station.
Piazza Garibaldi