Dominique Perrault Architecture


2007   |   2010

Fukoku Life Osaka Project

Osaka, Japan

This tower project for the Fukoku insurance company takes inspiration from the profile of a gigantic tree whose roots proliferate on the surface of the ground. Splayed at its base, the tower’s outline tapers elegantly as it rises, gracing the city’s skyline with a vertical asymptote. The contrast between the structure’s base and upper regions is accentuated by the treatment of the building’s “bark”. Broad “wood chips” on the lower levels gradually give way to a sleek wall. The glass facade is worked into a crescendo of encrusted mirrors at the base, reflecting the colors of the sky and the surrounding environment. Situated at the exit of Osaka’s main train station, the building will become a lasting landmark in the urban landscape.
client Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company, Osaka, Japan
architect Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris, France
associated architect Shimizu Corporation Architects & Engineers
engineering Shimizu Corporation Architects & Engineers
development director Mitsubishi Estate Group
location 2-4, Komatsubara, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
site area 3 900 m²
built area 68 500 m² (including car park)
maximum height 133 m - 32 floors : 28 floors on surface, 4 basement levels
beginning of conceptual design 2007
beginning of construction June 2008
completion October 2010

• office space 30 000 m²
• university laboratories : 3 400 m²
• office lobby : 950 m²
• car park : 4 080 m²
• commercial area : 4 930 m²
Fukoku Life Osaka Project