Dominique Perrault Architecture


2009   |   2018

Urban redevelopment for the station area

Locarno, Suisse

The town of Locarno is famous for its lake and its festival for over 60 years, welcomes every evening between 7 and 8,000 visitors. The project was born from a simple action: covering the small station of Locarno-Muralto by a large balcony platform on Lake Maggiore. So, on the infrastructure, lays a large public space, the Piazza Grande, an void space that allows to freely cross the city and create a new centrality. Around the square, new programs can be arranged: hotel, shops, housing. Small bijou in the heart of the new place, the new Convention Center with flexible roofs that open and close as the sides of a box of paper, will double the current capacity of the festival. On this spectacular roof, may be held screenings of films having a view of the lake and Italy as a framework.
client FFS Federal Railways, City Council of Muralto, Locarno, Switzerland
architect Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris, France
engineering AI Engineering (engineering) , CITEC Ingénieurs Conseils SA (mobility), Gabriel Choukroun / Yves Krawczyk (programatic counseling)
location Municipio Muralto, Via Municipio 3, CP 352, 6602 Muralto, Switzerland
site area 25 000 m²
built area 57 500 m²
built volume 200 000 m³
beginning of conceptual design December 2008

• housing + sevices : 6 500 m²
• public deck : 15 000 m²
• multimodal transport center : 22 000 m²
- FFS (Ferrovie Federalli Svizzere) train station, national train network station
- FART (Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali) station, regional train network station
- bus station
• hotel : 7 500 m²
• commercial area : 4 000 m²
• convention center : 8 000 m²
- auditorium with total aucience capcity of 750 seats
- multifunctional space (show-room, exhibition space, meeting rooms, etc.)
- lounge, foyer
- panoramic roof : terrace with tired seating for open air spectacles
and projections
• car park : 9 500 m²
capacity for 350 vehicles in 3 levels
• logistics : 1 500 m²

Urban redevelopment for the station area