Dominique Perrault Architecture


2007   |   2007

"North Gate" urban study

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Masterplan for the new buildings for the European Commission on the Plateau of Kirchberg, an extension of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, buildings for private sector's use and a housing building.
client Fund for the Urbanisation and Development of the Kirchberg Plateau
architect Dominique Perrault Architecte, Paris
location Europe Gate, the Kirchberg Plateau, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
site area 68,000 m²
built area 310,000 m²
beginning of studies March 2007
end of studies July 2007
period of study 5 months

This study defines the new masterplan of the North Gate on the Plateau of Kirchberg according to the following program:
• plot for the European Commision 36,450 m²
• unoccupied plot for a possible future extension of the Court of Justice of the European Communities 16,500 m²
• two plots for privite use buildings 13,500 m²
• plot for a housing building