Dominique Perrault Architecture


2020   |   2023

A retractable roof on suzanne lenglen tennis court

Paris, France

The architectural project wishes to bring an added value to the site, in line with the work done previously with the roofing of the Philippe Chatrier court and the construction of the new Simone Mathieu court. The intervention does not only create a roof but also proposes a large-scale architectural ensemble whose silhouette dialogues both with the existing building and its environment.

Suzanne Lenglen Court

The site of the Roland Garros tournament, between city and nature, is located in the heart of the Ile-de-France metropolis, between the Bois de Boulogne, Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt. Without being the central court, the Suzanne-Lenglen court is the façade of the Roland Garros site from the Boulevard d'Auteuil and is located in its central axis.

The project is intended to be pure and without artifice. The structure of the new roofing appears as if levitating above the court.
It defines a U-shaped structure, open towards the peaks of the Bois de Boulogne to the north. Pure, minimal, fully visible, the new roof proceeds by a fine assembly of steel elements on a concrete structure.

Above the existing stands, with a sufficient overlap, the new roof comprises a mobile part, made of canvas, and a fixed part that provides support for the mobile part and integrates all the necessary equipment  for its unfolding and folding. The mobile cover, made of canvas stretched by cables fixed to the structure, will be folded up on the south side by the movement of a mobile buton according to a horizontal displacement. The simplicity of the elements used and their repetitions create a new balance that assumes the addition of a new element without presenting anything superfluous. 
In haute couture, pleating refers to the art of folding a piece of fabric. For a garment, this technique allows to offer with style and elegance a great freedom of movement. The Suzanne-Lenglen court cover project draws its sensibility and originality from it, proposing an architecture like a pleat, deployed with delicacy and lightness in a solid case.

Press Kit
Restricted competition: 1st Prize

• location : «French Open» site, Avenue Gordon Benette, 75016 Paris

• client : The French Tennis Federation (FFT) + Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques (Solideo).

• contractor: Renaudat Centre Constructions, steel construction, Chateauroux

• architect : Perrault Architecture (DPA/Paris)

• co-contracting companies
- Ramery (structural work), Laigneville
- Taiyo (canvas), Muehweg

• co-contracting engineering offices
- structure : T/E/S/S, Paris
- fluids/CFO-CFA : CHOULET, Clermont-Ferrand
- mecanism : MEC A, Nantes
- acoustics/lighting : Lamoureux, Paris
- environment : ELEMENT , Paris

• subcontracting engineering offices : 
- Roads and networks: Mozaïc, Caen
- Economy: AXIO , Paris
- BIM: Aur Blanc, Lyon
- Execution project management: Calq, Paris

• competition : 
Delivered phase 01 - December 2019
Delivered phase 02 - April 2020

• provisionnal delivery: December 2023

fixed cover surface : 5200 m²

• surface of the retractable cover : 4800 m²

• program :
The project consists of covering the Suzanne Lenglen court in
order to:
- Enable the holding of tennis matches in rainy weather and
at night.
- Enable boxing events to be held during the 2024 Paris Olympic
and Paralympic Games.
A retractable roof on suzanne lenglen tennis court