A Research platform

DPAx is a research platform: it calls for a multidisciplinary dialogue to explore architecture from a wider perspective | DPAx is a workshop: it aims at mimicking DPA’s everyday entourage of thinkers, leaders, investors, experts and artists to provide a fertile ground for new ideas | DPAx is dynamic: whilst architecture books are snapshots of research at a specific time, we propose to keep the DPAx evolving and unsettled, always looking for new research paths | DPAx is introspective: it offers a unique insight into DPA’s practice by displaying a critical constellation of references that inform our intellectual production both a priori and a posteriori | DPAx is prospective: its catalytic purpose is to speed up architectural innovations to meet the pace of global metropolitan evolutions | DPAx is free: it is a tool to share our key experiences and concepts, offering our expertise in several fields of research.