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Paris, France

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Like the Olympic rings, the composition of our team is an international assembly of complementary skills allowing exchange and creativity. 
For the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024, Dominique Perrault conceive the village as an open and innovative metropolitan area which will receive 17,000 attendees. A true experience of the Grand Paris, its cultural richness, its dynamism and its landscape qualities is offered to the athletes of the whole world.
The site is divided into three municipalities (Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis, Saint-Denis Island) and crossed by the river, an unprecedented fact in the Villages’ history. This place is a mixed territory in its functions, already inhabited and subject to mutation. The Olympic Games forge a strong relationship between the identity of a city, its urban planning and the practice of sport in order to deliver a social experience and shared values. It is precisely this dynamics between the local and the international that Dominique Perrault placed at the heart of the project.
Connected to all metropolitan networks, located close to the majority of competition sites and enjoying 7-hectare of water, the Olympic Village meets the requirements of the IOC’s functional efficiency while offering the possibility to live together a memorable experience.
The project of the Olympic Village reinforces the logic and amplifies the dynamics of mutation already on site. 
They are unavoidable projects that will benefit both to the athletes and the future residents of the site. Plus, both the site construction and operation call the latest innovations out as new constructive techniques, environmental strategy, intelligent transportation solutions… Smart city with high ambitions, the Village is the showcase of French ‘savoir-faire’.
The heritage bequeathed by the Olympic and Paralympic Games is also metropolitan in the perspective of enhancing the value of resources. At the end of the three weeks of competition, the project offers great flexibility and allows the reversibility of installations (housing, swimming pools and terraces floating on the Seine, micro-architecture punctuating the site, equipment, etc.). This dispersal over the area makes the material legacy of the Olympic Games more absorbable.
Dominique Perrault’s project for the Olympic Village of Paris 2024 gives to the athletes a quality urban experience. For the Grand Paris, the Olympic Village participates in the writing of a collective story. And for international nations, it offers the opportunity to discover the new face of the French capital city.
urban study project developed for the Paris 2024 application

developer EPT Plaine Commune and GIP Paris 2024

situation St Denis (93100), St Ouen (93400), île-Saint-Denis (93450)

architect of the urban study team Dominique Perrault Architect, Paris

architects-urban planners LIN GMBH Architectes Urbanistes

urban planners and programmers Une Fabrique de la Ville , Paris

landscape architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman, London

farming and urban ecology TOPAGER, Paris

innovation and events ALGOE, Ecully

general company and sustainable development expertise INGEROP, Rueil-Malmaison

beginning of studies  Juin 2016

architectural and cultural heritage increased
a restaurant will take place in La Cité du Cinéma, sports halls and a polyclinic in the studios, coffee places and co-working places in the Maxwell hall.